Long Division Games

Number Pieces
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Number Pieces offers Grade 5 students virtual base 10 blocks, including hundred block pieces, which can be helpful to visually represent and divide three-digit whole numbers that they would encounter in this grade. The app’s math text tool enables students to write division algorithms alongside their visual representations so that they can solve the problem using a variety of strategies.

Drag and Drop Math

Drag and Drop Math – Tablet Version

Drag and Drop Math is an interactive program that provides practice in solving division problems. It allows students to define how many digits should be in the dividend and divisor of the computer generated problem. In addition, there is an option to produce problems having remainders. The drag and drop functionality helps students to organize numbers neatly in rows and columns.

This game is appropriate for grade 5 students because they can develop procedural fluency by solving problems that involve the division of three-digit whole numbers by one-digit whole numbers and receiving immediate feedback. Drag and Drop Math is flexible in allowing students to use standard algorithms or their own algorithms.

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