The Daily Supply Teacher’s Checklist


The following checklist will help new supply teachers fulfill their duties and responsibilities:

⦁ Keep notebook and pencil by phone to write down assignment.
⦁ Organize work clothing for easy access in the morning.
⦁ Prepare lunch, snacks, and water.
⦁ Prepare a file of each school containing maps, phone numbers, start/end times, and job numbers.
⦁ Research curriculum for grade level and subjects that may be assigned.
⦁ Know location and plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start of school day.
⦁ Check in at the school office to obtain keys and bell schedule.
⦁ Locate classroom(s), staffroom, washrooms, gym, library, and photocopier.
⦁ Check teacher’s mailbox or classroom for lesson plans and attendance list.
⦁ Check regular teacher’s supervision schedule.
⦁ Know how to use the school’s intercom and Internal Phone System.
⦁ Be familiar with school’s code of conduct and safety routines.
⦁ Prepare the day’s lessons and required materials.
⦁ Know the neighboring teachers.
⦁ Identify students with high or special needs.
⦁ Take student attendance.
⦁ Write name and agenda on the board.
⦁ Review classroom rules and routines.
⦁ Collect any notes from parents, permission forms, or other correspondence.
⦁ Follow lesson plan as closely as possible.
⦁ Ensure that all end of day activities are completed.
⦁ Distribute any newsletters or other materials that need to go home.
⦁ End with positive comments to the class.
⦁ Fill out the note to the teacher.
⦁ Tidy the classroom with the help of the students.
⦁ Finish tidying the room after class, if necessary
⦁ Collect all personal and teaching materials.
⦁ Thank staff who were helpful during the day.
⦁ Check in at the office and return keys.

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