Research Plan Organizer

Directions: Use the following template to design your classroom action research project.

Problem Statement:


Core Values (A statement of one or two relevant core values that motivates you to investigate the problem stated below.)


Topic and Problem (A short paragraph that describes what the problem of practice is by citing evidence from classroom observations or literature, who experiences the problem, and why this is important to change or improve.)


Research Question (Question related to the issue or problem identified above. These questions begin with how, why, or what, and should include the specific group of students, grade, and topic.)


Definition(s) of Terms (These terms should be the ones discussed in your research question or problem statement.)


Summary of literature review (A narrative paragraph synthesizing main ideas and results reported in previous research that are relevant to your problem. The summary also includes any limitations/gaps and future research areas described in the literature and how this relates to your proposed research.)

Participants & Setting (Who is involved? Colleagues? Students? Principals? Where will the data be collected?)


What are your data sources and why did you select these?


What techniques did you use to ensure validity (truthfulness or believability) and reliability (repeatability of getting same scores, observations, findings) of the data you collect?


Timeline Chart (When and for how long will the data be collected?)


Ethical Considerations (How will you maintain confidentiality? How will you ensure confidentiality of your participants?)


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