Classroom Management


Keeping Students On-Task

⦁ Interact with students at the beginning of the day to break the ice and establish rapport
⦁ Reinforce the rules and routines of the regular teacher and have students restate expectations.
⦁ Acknowledge and reinforce positive behaviour.
⦁ Manage off-task behaviour with proximity or non-verbal signals (e.g., frown, stare, wave hand).
⦁ Get students’ attention by using regular teacher’s strategy, whispering, write and erase, or lights out
⦁ Keep designated problem students positively occupied with special jobs.
⦁ Invite all students’ responses and inquiries.
Responding Non-coercively to Inappropriate Behaviours

⦁ Ignore inconsequential behaviour and respond positively to appropriate behaviour.
⦁ Stop consequential behaviour and redirect student behaviour privately by describing expectation and consequence if misbehavior continues.
⦁ If positive verbal reinforcement is not changing behaviour, then introduce tangible reinforcers.
⦁ Threats, intimidation, or violence need to be immediately reported to the office.
⦁ When reporting student conduct that can result in suspension or expulsion, staff need to complete the Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form.
⦁ Ongoing behaviour that impairs the learning environment requires a referral to the office.
⦁ Follow school’s send down policy and ensure office is aware that a student is being sent their.
⦁ When student returns, check that they have an admit slip.

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