The Creative Process and the Critical Analysis Process

The Creative and Critical Analysis Processes, as represented below, are flexible. These frameworks help teachers see the arts in fluid and non-linear ways, while at the same time taking into consideration ideas of creation, perspective-taking, curriculum, and sociocultural contexts and offer suggestions of how these processes might look in a classroom.

The Creative Process – The Ontario Curriculum, The Arts (2009), p. 20.

Consider how The Creative Process works in conjunction with Backward Design, or Design Down.

How can teachers link this process with the Arts Curriculum Expectations, and with appropriate assessment and evaluation criteria?

The Critical Analysis Process – The Ontario Curriculum, The Arts (2009), p. 24.

The Critical Analysis Process complements The Creative Process. It generally occurs simultaneously with The Creative Process.

How can teachers develop meaningful activities that promote reflection and motivate students to improve their work?

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