Strategies for Working With Special Populations

Helping Low Academic Level Students
⦁ Provide structured teacher-led learning activities.
⦁ Break down the lesson into small sequenced activities.
⦁ Have the student restate the instructions.
⦁ Clear away possible distractions from the student’s work area.
⦁ Allow for plenty of repetition.
⦁ Provide praise and encouragement.
⦁ Narrow teacher questions to those having one right answer.
⦁ Invite non-volunteers to answer questions.
⦁ Provide feedback to student responses.
⦁ Consult with the EA or the Learning Resource Teacher for suggestions and strategies.

Helping High Academic Level Students
⦁ Keep students occupied with extension or alternative activities and puzzles.

Helping English Language Learners
⦁ Be aware that students may respond unexpectedly in certain classroom situations due to cultural conditioning.
⦁ Be clear and explicit about expectations.

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